The Allied Masonic Degrees (AMD) are a collection of degrees conferred by Craft Freemasonry. There are over 30 degrees worked in the AMD.

These degrees are focused on providing deeper insight into the symbolism and philosophy of Freemasonry and the Christian faith. Most of the degrees of the Allied Masonic Degrees have a narrative based on the Bible, the Crusades, and the development of Freemasonry.

The degrees are divided into three categories: Chivalric Degrees, Masonic Degrees, and Christian Degrees.

The Chivalric Degrees include the

  • Knight of Constantinople,
  • Knight of St. Lawrence,
  • Knight of the Red Cross of Babylon, and the
  • Knight of the Holy Sepulchre.

The Masonic Degrees include the

  • Super-Excellent Master,
  • the Knight of the Royal Arch,
  • the Knight of the Royal Axe, and the
  • Knight of the East.


The Christian Degrees include the

  • Grand Tilers of Solomon,
  • the Grand High Priest,
  • the Grand Master of All Symbolic Lodges, and the
  • Grand Elected Knight of the Holy City.

Not every jurisdiction works every degree, for example in the UK only the 

  1. Knights of St Lawrence
  2. Knights of Constantinople
  3. Grand High Priest
  4. Grand Tyler and
  5. Knight of the Red Cross

The Secret Monitor is worked separately in the UK.