Why does the New World Order conspiracy theory exist?

The New World Order conspiracy theory exists because people fear a lack of control and an erosion of individual rights due to the perceived rising influence of international organizations and powerful individuals.

People fear that these organizations and individuals are seeking to create a one-world government that would have complete control over people’s lives and their basic freedoms.

  • There is NO evidence that the THE NEW WORLD ORDER exists.
  • The NEW WORD ORDER is frequently used by CONMEN to obtain  JOINING FEES – do not fall victim to this common FRAUD.
  • NEVER EVER pay upfront to join this or a similar Organisation, if you are asked, IT IS A FRAUD

This fear is further compounded by the idea that this new world order would be oppressive and tyrannical. Many people believe that the new world order is being orchestrated by a secret society or a cabal of powerful individuals and organizations that are working together to bring about this new world order.